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Truth, Warmth, Conviction and Poetry for the Soul.

I Hope This Helps is a spirited book of transformative personal notes, quotes, and indelible messages.

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You are not lazy, unmotivated, or stuck.
After years of living your life in survival mode, you are exhausted.
There is a difference.
- Nakeia Homer

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I’m an author and advocate for aspiring women.
Through well-being education, mentorship, keynotes, and events, I help those seeking purpose, healing, spiritual guidance, and growth become the best versions of themselves.

I have the degree, the certifications, 20+ years of professional experience… but my real expertise comes from lived experience. I’ve been in the trenches (just me and God,) healing my own wounds and turning my own mess into a message. 

My work (and this space) is dedicated to the strong woman who is strong because she has to be and not because she wants to be. To the experienced woman who has been through some things and has a story to tell. To the aspiring woman who wants to create a life that means something.
I see you…

Hey, Beloved. I’m Nakeia.

Writer & Author | Speaker | Mental Wellness Advocate

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 I specialize in corporate wellness, trauma-informed training, and large or small-scale workshops.

Self-Love + Self-Care Self-Healing + Growth Boundaries

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"I didn't think I would ever heal, but I have. I cry just thinking about the first words Nakeia ever said to me. She said "you're not healed yet but you will be. Profoundly affirming." Renee S.

Wellness Events | Speaker/Educator Social Influencer | Mentor/Consultant

I am dedicated to facilitating the change seekers long for. Using the art of authentic storytelling, practical self-healing techniques, a personal and relatable message that moves, and straight-up advice, I usher people like you right into your brilliance. 

Words for Your Wounds

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I pray you heal from things no one ever even apologized for.
-Nakeia Homer

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Yeah, she fell.
She got distracted
Lost her direction
Made some mistakes
Broke some promises
Forgot who she was…
But she got up.
-Nakeia Homer

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Insight. Growth Hacks. Tips That Heal.

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"I feel like myself again. I love who I am for the first time in my life. Nakeia, I just can't thank you enough for teaching me how to choose myself."

- A. Farwell

"In all these years, no one has ever offered such perspective and comfort and a strategy for a way forward. This is the best I've felt in a long time. Truly. What an amazing gift you are!"

- daisy m.

"I wasn't sure what to expect because I had never done anything like this before. Nakeia made me feel comfortable in the first 15 minutes and cry in the next 15... I leave each session lighter than the week before. I'm hooked!"

- Lianne L.

"I owe Nakeia my Life. Period!"

- Angela w.

"I don't think anyone has been able to capture and maintain everyone's attention like Nakeia. People are still talking about her. I can't wait to have her back."

Gwinnett County Schools

"Thank you for reminding me that regardless of past mistakes, I can get back up and get back on track."

- L.d.

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