My gift is to help facilitate the kind of healing that will help you step into your brilliance and create a life full of purpose and calling.

At the core of my work is my personal journey of healing and growth. 

As an expert, of course, I lend my academic expertise and professional experience but also my personal story of healing childhood trauma, overcoming anxiety & depression, and fighting (and winning) a battle against autoimmune disease. 

My work with others was inspired by the work I’ve done on myself. I offer a trauma-informed approach to cultivating well-being. I teach people how to turn pain into power, tests into testimonies, and opposition into opportunities through self-love, self-care, and self-healing.

meet nakeia your Wellness educator

Launched 2 new businesses, and became a best-selling author.

Lost my Grand(mom) and Dad within 3 months of each other, lost my main source of income


Recommitted to Purpose and Calling

Diagnosed with kidney disease

Became an award-winning songwriter

Felt lost and disconnected from purpose

Left my career in social work behind

Started the family I wish I had as a child

Became a First-generation college graduate

Heartbreak, depression, anxiety, family trauma

Set my first goals: get out of the hood, not be a teenage parent, not be a victim of domestic violence

the process

Navigating life as the product of two teenage parents, becoming the foster-child of my beloved grand(mom), and growing up in the projects inspired a level of strength that helped me realize I didn’t need easy. I’ve survived some hard things in my lifetime. I chose to believe I was who God created me to be and not the product of circumstance, and started my healing process.

Becoming this version of myself wasn’t easy. 

The story of your life and the journey you’ve been on to get here has been painful, overwhelming, uncertain, and exhausting. You’ve managed it all, you’ve handled the weight of it all, you haven’t totally given up, but you’re tired. The fact that you are here means you survived. You don’t need easy, but don’t have to live the rest of your life the hard way. 

You Deserve To Live A Life That Makes Room For Your Strength And Your Softness.

You are here, at my home on the internet, because your life hasn’t been easy either. 

I can’t promise that life will ever get easy. But I can give you the support to overcome it. Here's how i can help:

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