Well-Being Educator, Mental Wellness Advocate, Best-Selling Author

I help people heal, grow, and live a life rooted in purpose and calling.

Feeling stuck, carrying the weight of our past, and being disconnected from our true selves can prevent us from showing up in life the way we want and deserve. My gift is to help facilitate the kind of healing that will help you step into your brilliance and create a life full of purpose and calling.

Start walking bolding in your calling
and stop tiptoeing around it.

At the core of my work is my personal journey of healing and growth. As an expert, of course I lend my academic expertise and professional experience but also my personal story 

of healing childhood trauma and overcoming anxiety, depression, and autoimmune disease. My work with others was inspired by the work I’ve done on myself.
I offer a trauma-informed approach to cultivating wellbeing. I teach people how to turn pain into power, tests into testimonies, opposition into opportunities through self-love, self-care, and self-healing.

How We Can Work Together

Through my programs, speaking, workshop facilitation, and corporate wellness consulting, I help people and professionals sustain their wellbeing, operate in their brilliance, and show up in their lives and work as the best versions of themselves. I am also available for content creation, media contribution, and brand partnerships.

My Philosophy: You deserve to live a life that makes room for your strength and your softness.

It takes strength, commitment, intention, and work to create a meaningful life. It takes self-love, self-care, commitment to purpose, and “doing the work” to sustain it. Cultivating practices that allows you to do it all is essential to maintaining your mental and emotional well-being.

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Let’s Work Together

I am ready to connect on your next conference, corporate training, retreat, campaign, or wellness experience. If you’re looking for personal help, I am ready to guide you through the next 12 weeks of your life in my Heal & Grow Sessions or connect for a VIP session. But if you would like to learn a little more about me first, check out my bio below. 

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Professional Bio 

Nakeia Homer is a Well-Being Educator, Mental Wellness Advocate, and Best-Selling Author. Through programs, speaking, workshop facilitation, and corporate wellness consulting, Nakeia helps people sustain their wellbeing, operate in their brilliance, and show up in their lives and work as the best versions of themselves.

Known for creating daily “pep-talks you didn’t know you needed,” Nakeia has become the first person many aspiring women want to hear from every day. She has drafted thousands of transformative notes, quotes, and indelible messages that are empowering readers, around the globe, to heal and grow. She is a sought-after wellness & wellbeing expert and trauma informed educator, facilitating powerful workshops and keynotes on the power of story, self-care, and purpose.

Nakeia earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Rutgers University and advanced certifications in both Forensic and Motivational Interviewing along with several others. As a former mental health professional, working in both clinical and community settings, Nakeia has an insightful way of blending her academic expertise, personal story, and professional experience to meet the needs of personal and professional seekers.

Representing New Jersey, but based in Atlanta, GA, Nakeia Homer is a master at turning life’s toughest lessons into blessings and helping others do the same. Her media features include Essence, SELF, Well + Good, a host of podcasts, and other publications. Nakeia offers free well-being education, encouraging messages, and daily pep talks on her engaging Instagram account.