That One Phrase That Will Convict You Into Pulling Yourself Together…

Nakeia Homer

You ever have one of those heart-to-heart conversations with yourself?

The kind of conversation you would have with a friend, only you’re the friend?

 You know that talk you gotta have because you’re her friend and you love her?

 I have those conversations with myself all the time and it usually goes like this:

 Tighten up, sis.

 Just keep showing up.

 You can and you will.

 Be humble. But let them know.

 First of all, don’t settle.

I think every woman should have that one phrase that will convict her into pulling her self together.

Friends are not always available. You don’t always have time to book a counseling session. Your mom, grandmom, auntie, sister, and whoever ain’t always around for a quick word of prayer.

Learn to encourage yourself.

Inspire yourself, empower yourself, and pray for your own self.

No one got you, like you got you.