You wanna know what’s greater than fear, doubt and insecurity?

And possibility.

So when you’re in a season of delayed (or denied) wins and you’re feeling like you just might be getting this whole life thing wrong altogether, you gotta be really intentional about staying in your faith space.

Faith exists because fear does. It’s the remedy.

That means you gotta accept fear, doubt, and whatever other negative feelings come along with it as part of this whole life thing as well. That means there is a space for both. But, you get to decided where you reside.


3 Ways to Handle Fear and Encourage Positive Thinking:

1. Start your day with positive words of affirmations. This exercise will train your mind to engage in positive self-talk and set the tone of thoughts for the rest of the day. Affirming words also serve to repel words that oppose them. It’s hard to believe you can’t when all you do is tell yourself that you can.

2. Set solid boundaries. Protect your heart, mind and spirit from negative opinions, people, and things that lower your faith energy and cause you to think negatively. You will find that much of your fear was ushered in by something outside of you.

3. Let your faith be great. Stop allowing fear and self-doubt to have its way. Faith is your remedy. Fuel your faith through prayer, meditation, and action. Surround yourself with people and things that make you dream and believe and hope.  Be extra with it. Get in the habit of thinking bigger than you ever have. Do this by setting daily expectations that are inspired by your faith.

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