I know this charming man who wakes up every single morning prepared to solve a problem. For over 40 years, he says, he wanted to be ready…

There this girl at the gym that I used to chat with a couple of times a week. She’s decided to either expect the worst or expect nothing at all- that way she has “nothing to lose…”

There are other variations of the same train of thought, like: 

I don’t want to get too excited… 

I’ll just wait, and see what happens…

I don’t want to speak too soon…

I don’t wanna get my hopes up…

Stuff happens. I get it.

It’s hard to be hopeful when you’re fresh out of some of the worst times in your life.

Believe me, I know.

An unmet expectation is like opening a huge box with a huge bow on it, on your birthday, and nothing’s in it. It’s a total letdown.


What if stuff doesn’t happen?

What if you get a rush of good times?

What if your expectations are met- and even exceeded?

I asked the charming man and that girl from the gym, this question:

What if it all works out?

I got shoulder shrugs and a little head tilt for an answer.

Here’s the thing: there is no way to know, for sure, how things are gonna go.

You can plan, pray, and hope for the best.

You can do nothing, expect nothing, and let nothing just happen.

You can prepare for the worst…

It’s going to go how it’s going to go.

But many opportunities are missed due to lack of preparation. Many glorious moments are cut short, when you’re trying to play catch-up.

A black woman waiting for something good to happen

Your life will rise or fall to meet your thoughts toward it. – JA

The heartbreak, financial setback, pain, business failure, parental misstep, and other stuff may happen- and you’ve braced yourself for it all, long enough.

The romance, breakthroughs, financial fluidity, business successes, best decisions, and other glorious stuff?

That may happen too.

And when it finally happens, are you prepared for it?


6 Things You Can Do to Prepare for the Best:

Take a course (or read some books.) You’re going to need to know some things.

Prepare your body. You want to be able to handle it, physically.

Get your mind right. You’re going to need to prepare for it, mentally.

Assemble your people. You’ll need the support.

Clean up the clutter and overhaul your life. Make room for what you want the most.

Get your hopes up… and your life will rise to meet them.




A pin option of woman standing in preparation for the best

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