I had no idea how I was going to afford college. 

I just applied, prayed, packed, showed up, and signed away more than half of my first real salary (in student loans.)

I did what I had to do.

I had no idea how to write songs or manage a music business. I bought some books, asked tons of questions, sent out 1,000’s of emails, demos, and cold-called music execs.

How else was I going to land my first single?

We didn’t have money to pay $100 dollars an hour for studio time.  So we took to our basement and built a booth. Within weeks, we were charging other people $65 dollars an hour to use it (this is how we supplemented our income for years.) Eventually, we raised our price to $100 an hour.

That’s how I was able to leave my 9-5 and get my full-time hustle on.

I wanted to be a makeup artist.  I couldn’t afford to purchase a kit. So I went to work for MAC Cosmetics to take advantage of the employee discount and gratis. After about a year of learning, getting certified, building a client base, and identifying a niche, I demoted myself to freelance status (I still needed that discount) and started my side-hustle as a makeup artist. Makeup by Nakeia was booming from 2004 until I semi retired it 2009. I still pull out my brushes for a handful of clients.

I hated retail, but loved being an artist. So, I did what I had to do.

I needed a portfolio. So, I bartered services with photographers, stylists, and models until I got what I needed. That exchange helped me uncover my talent for taking pretty good pictures- yes, another way to make things happen.

I have been able to fund my dreams because instead of focusing on all of the reasons I thought I couldn’t do it, I asked the question:

How can I?

What are you allowing to keep you from going for it?

No money? No connections? No problem.

If you want it, find a way. Figure it out. Step your hustle up.

Don’t focus on your lack of resources. Focus your attention on being resourceful.

How can you use what you already have, what you already know, and what you’re already talented at, to fund your dreams?

Ask the question: How can I?


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