Married by 26. Kids by 30.

Millionaire by 35. Travel the world by 40.

10 pounds lighter by next week…

We all have a to-do by ____ list that reads more like a 5th grade word problem.  It’s what you do when you’re preparing to be a grownup (I’m pretty sure I started mine in 5th grade.)

You set goals, give yourself a timeline, and go for it.

And then… life happens… for real.

It’s the real life stuff we forget to factor in, during the planning stages.

Real life stuff you should’ve factored in: the process of actually becoming a grownup, time, money, lost time, lost money, other people, other people’s time, the moments you’d be unsure about, the decisions you’d be afraid to make…

You’re not there (yet.) Life happened… for real.

But, you’ll get there, eventually.

A mirror with sticky notes full of affirmations

4 Reasons Why Not Being There (Yet) is OK:

1. You’re not where you used to be. You’re not there. I know. But, remember where you were last year? 2 years ago? Look at your progress…

You’ve come a long way. You’re still working, striving, pushing and moving forward. You are in progress. That’s good enough for now.

2. You have more time- to get better, stronger, and to get it right. You could make good use of this time. You’ve come a long way; but be honest. You have more work to do. Remember how you just recently messed that last thing up? You know the thing… Fix that thing, and then the next thing until all those things are behind you.

3. You can assemble your squad.  No one wants to be there alone.  You need support. Get your best friend, adviser, stylist, babysitter, and go-to-girl/guy, assembled. You’re going to need them. Having a strong community of support is essential to growth and success. Get you people in order.

4. You’ll have the advantage there. Take all of the lessons you’re learning while trying to get there, pile them up, and keep an eye on them.  You’re going to need them when you get there. This time in waiting is not in vain. There is purpose in the wait, and purpose takes time. If you take a moment to take in the moment you will find value in the present.

What was once a hard lesson will become your best strategy.  


So you’re not there, yet. Life happened

But, you’ll get there if you don’t give up.




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