Remember how it used to be?

Before the heartbreak, the bad decision, the financial disaster, the abuse, the addiction, the unfulfilled dream, the illness, the weight gain, the doubt, the fear, the broken promises, before you lost the connection with who you are and who you could really be…

How did it used to be?

Before life got the best of you, were you focused?

Did you take risks? Were you a leader? Did you have big dreams? Were you a go-getter? Did you make good choices? Were you inspired? Did you handle your business?

Who were you when you were at your best?

The confident you. You were sure about things. You hustled and got the job done.

The sexy you. You walked with a strut.

You were the one- and everyone looked to you for answers.

Imagine being that version of you again. It may hurt to look back and see how far you’ve strayed. But you’re still you. The confidence, hustle, and strut is still in you. You just need a gentle reminder.

Confident woman

Do this:

Go somewhere you used to go.  Take a weekend trip. Walk around the mall. Browse a book store. Just go somewhere that makes you feel good whenever you’re there.

Do something you used to do.  Do what worked. You had a routine, a schedule, a way of doing things… If you don’t do what you used to do (when you were at your best) you won’t get what you used to have.

Connect with someone you used to know.  When you were at your best, you weren’t the only one who knew it. Get with someone who knows you, who shares your vibe, and encourages your hustle.

…And then:

Release who you used to be.  Grab what you need, let the rest go, and honor who you are today. Your past no longer exists.  All you have is who you are today.  Show yourself some love. Take better care of your present.

Your best doesn’t have to be a thing of the past.

Your best follows you where ever you go.

After all… you’re still you.



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