You want to feel something splendid, something joyful, something meaningful, and something that makes you breathe a little easier.

Your list of goals keep growing as you attempt to feel more successful, pretty, like a great mom (or dad,) like an awesome wife (or husband,) or just  [insert how you want to feel here.]

You want to feel something. So, you just keep doing things.

What if what you want to feel can’t be felt by indulging in the things that are on your list?

What if your list is getting in the way of you experiencing what you really want the most?

What if your hustle to get what you think you really want, is misplaced?

Behind every hope, every dream, every wish, and every goal is the heart of someone who just wants to feel good. 

An emotional intelligent woman

It doesn’t matter how much stuff you pile on your list, if what’s on it doesn’t really light you up, pull on your heartstrings, and well… actually make you feel good.

If you don’t feel good, you need to revisit your list.

Is what’s on it rooted in your own desires, or are trying to please someone else?

Is what’s on your list inspired by things that inspire you, or is it full of buzz words and busy work?

The key to feeling something splendid, something joyful, something meaningful, something that makes you breathe a little easier is your feeling, and ultimately good is to allow yourself to feel.

Reject this trend of staying out of your feelings and uncover the source of your joy, your light, and your goodness.

3 Healthy Ways to Use What You Feel to Feel Good:

  1. Be honest about what you feel, no matter how it feels. Denying your true feelings masks them but doesn’t eliminate them. Tap into what is true for you. Get real clear on what makes you feel good and what doesn’t.
  2. Pay attention to how you feel when you are moving through your day, around certain people, and engaging in your work. How does your body react? Are you tense and anxious or relaxed and at peace? Are you experiencing headaches and other pains or are your feeling refueled and motivated. If it makes you feel good physically, it’s probably good for you emotionally.
  3. Keep a feel good list. Let this list be your go-to when times get tough, when you lack inspiration, when you stray away from what’s true for you, and to stay in your joy, your light, and your goodness.



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