A Goal.

You should always have something you are working on, striving for, or something that challenges you to rise. Scientists say setting goals helps you live longer. I say that setting goals helps you live better.  Think about it: when you’re working on something, there is always this lingering since of expectancy. When you direct your efforts toward an expected end, you increase your faith in life, yourself, and gain a sense of purpose.

 A Book.

Reading a book expands vocabulary, improves spelling, memory, focus, and analytical thinking. Books change lives. Books make you smart. I recommend reading at least 30 minutes or a chapter a day. Select books that are written about your career choice, books that help you to develop personally and spiritually, and some books based on fiction or a hobby. Books are a great source of active rest.

An aspiring woman setting goals

 A Friend.

Friends are extremely hard to come by. So, if you find one in your lifetime, you are truly fortunate. Having someone in your life that has the same interests, offers a listening ear, and is an outlet for you to really be who you are is a necessity. This person should not be a “yes (wo)man” but should offer objective advice, because let’s be real: You will not be right all of the time- and someone needs to be there to remind you of that. You feel me?!

A Mentor.

Find someone who has done what you want to do, and ask them how they did it. Your mentor doesn’t have to be someone you know personally. You can follow the formulas of well known entrepreneurs, entertainers, or even a neighbor that you have been admiring from afar. You can read the books they have written, follow blogs they publish, and look in the archives for old speeches or interviews.



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