I strolled into my son’s school 3 times last week, wearing a bold lip and a sundress.

I was accused of being a morning person.

I passed my old gym buddy on my way out of the gym at 6:30am- as she was walking in.

I was cited for being up before the crack of dawn.

Although some bad things have happened around me (and even to me,) I haven’t had a bad day in weeks.

*Bad day = not being able to fully function because of said bad things.

None of that happened by accident. I set it up that way.

Waking up with joy


I’m not a morning person.

I wanted to be. Not really. I needed to be (I have 2 kids that need to get to school everyday, and one of them wakes up before Jesus.) So, I did what I needed to do.

If you ask my family, they would probably say I still don’t qualify as a morning person.

But my mornings have been more on than off for a few years now.

*On = being able to fully function no matter what.

Before my feet hit the floor, I say a prayer.

Before my kids come down for breakfast, I set my day up.

Before I start my workday, I workout.

Before I go out to face the rest of the world, I throw on a bold lipstick.

I have figured out a way to be on just about everyday.  And, I’m a few steps closer to actually being a morning person.


How To Be a Morning Person Or At Least Be ON More than You’re Off:

Start your day the night before. Prepare as much ahead as possible. Prep your meals, get your clothes ready, pack your bags… Take care of the small tasks, at least a day ahead, so you’re not forced to make decisions too early in the morning.

Go to bed at a decent hour. Figure out how many hours of sleep you need to be highly functional and commit to getting that much sleep each night. Some people require little, some a lot. Get what you need.

Get up when you wake up. The game of snooze and repeat is actually more draining than it is helpful. Train your body to wake up naturally (without an alarm clock) and trust that your internal alarm system knows how much sleep you need. If you can, wake up 30 minutes earlier, and ease into your day. Use the extra time to do something that calms, inspires or motivates you.

Set the tone for the day. Say a prayer, read, meditate, play music, workout, eat breakfast, listen to podcasts… Do something(s) that sets your mood, mindset, and heart to the place it needs to be to have a good day.

Protect your energy. No more scrolling through your phone first thing in the morning. Hold off on checking your emails until after you have set your intentions for the day. Refrain from conversations with people who trigger your bad habits. Protect the tone you set by staying away from things that drain your energy.



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