I think 2019 may be my biggest year of growth in at least a decade.

Seems fitting since we have just entered a new decade. And although I am just as hype as everyone else, I have spent the last few days resting after and emotionally exhausting year.

I have healed. I have released. I have cried. I have endured…

And I enter 2020 better- and that is always my goal.


Nakeia Homer, walking into a new year

19 Things 2019 Taught Me:

1. Your healing is yours. It will look and feel different from others.

2. Someone else will be inspired by the part of your story you’re ashamed of.

3. I’m not asking for too much.

4. The right people will see you. The right people will hear you. The right people will get you. The right people will do right by you.

5. There ain’t nothing I can’t come back from.

6. Just because someone holds a place in your life, doesn’t give them a right to space in your life.

7. Don’t take direction from people who ain’t been nowhere.

8. You gotta keep in mind: everybody ain’t like you.

9. If you trust the open doors, you gotta trust the closed ones too.

10. God is stacking things up on my behalf.

11. You will never heal, if you keep pretending it doesn’t hurt.

12. What you can’t confront controls you.

13. Sometimes it seems like you’re being delayed, when you’re really being prepared.

14. Letting go sets you free.

15. Some people can’t handle the fact that you’re gonna be okay regardless.

16. Slow seasons are part of the process, too.

17. If you lend someone your ear long enough, you will start to believe everything they say in it.

18. You don’t have to explain your growth to anyone.

19. There are some people in your life who will never really see you. Learn to be okay with that.

Some of these lessons were mine, and some came by way of the amazing women I had a chance to mentor in 2019.
I’m taking these lessons with me- determined not to let my growth be in vain.

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