Imagine a life that no longer makes you feel guilty about doing what’s best for you.

Imagine being so well, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually that you show up for yourself and your family in ways that benefit everyone.

You are worthy of the same love and attention you so freely give to everyone else.

Self-care is not selfish- and you are worthy of it.

It’s more than a hashtag. It can happen more than just on Saturdays. And you can be the woman you see in your head and heart, in real life.

You deserve to be WELL because you’re WORTHY, too.

A woman standing in her worth

Join me and a panel of amazing women, moms, and entrepreneurs at Nordstrom for A Day of Wellness and Self-care.

What to expect:

*To be surrounded by an intimate group of women just like you.
*A lively panel discussion about self-care, mom-guilt, redefining womanhood, cultivating self-love, entrepreneurship, and more…
*A interactive workshop on how to achieve your 2020 self-care goals.
*Tips on low-maintenance beauty routines.
*Styling advice from Nordstrom style experts.
*An amazing lunch by talented chefs.
*And so much more!

2020 is your year.

It’s your year to be happy, your year to make things happen, your year to finally feel like yourself again…

2020 is your year to be WELL because you’re WORTHY.

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