The pursuit of the good life is a spiritual journey. Yes, money is a part of it. You should have a poppin business and career, for sure. Yes, doing more of what you love is at the heart of what’s good about life. You should be totally in love with what you do. But, there […]

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Life does not always go as planned. That’s one of the most annoying statements of truth, ever. But it’s a huge dosage of truth.  Even the best of plans, fail. When you think about it, there are so many factors involved in most of the things we set out to do. It’s you.  But, then there’s […]

standing with a note to self

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The worst things to hear when you’re hurting, anxious, doubtful, scared, overwhelmed, and tired of being tired are: Get over it Let it go. Move on. Or, here is one that will inspire the side-eye, quick: everything happens for a reason. You don’t want to stay in your hurting, anxious, doubtful, scared, overwhelmed, and tired […]

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