I started 2020 on the phone with family and doctors, as my grandmom entered the new year in the hospital.⠀

That continued until she transitioned in March. The night she died, I slept through the entire night for the first time in 11 months. I missed her already, but felt peace knowing I wouldn’t get another call…⠀

2 months later, I found myself on the phone with family and doctors, again, as my dad was admitted into the hospital after contracting COVID-19. I slept with the phone under my pillow for 27 days, consulting with doctors and nurses, until my dad transitioned. ⠀

I have lived about 274 days of this year in some form of panic. The whole year has felt like a state of emergency. It has been so heavy. But I am closing this year out in peace.⠀

This year took my beloveds, some business opportunities, a lot of my sleep… but I didn’t let it steal my purpose.

I spent those sleepless nights writing my first book. ⠀

The writing practice I used to grieve and heal and reflect on the lessons my beloveds taught me, this year taught me, and my whole life taught me birthed my 1st book⠀

I hope it helps…

“I Hope This Helps is truth, warmth, conviction, and poetry for the soul- on every single page. Words to start your day, and words to help you sleep at night. Words to remind you who you are, and words to help you find out why you’re here. This book of mini lessons will inspire the major breakthroughs you’ve been waiting for.”

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