I know this charming man who wakes up every single morning prepared to solve a problem. For over 40 years, he says, he wanted to be ready… There this girl at the gym that I used to chat with a couple of times a week. She’s decided to either expect the worst or expect nothing […]

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A black woman waiting for something good to happen

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“Don’t nobody bring me no bad news.” – Diana Ross, The Wiz   I wish I could hire someone to sing that song every time some bad news decides to swing my way.   I know. It’s a part of life. Good and bad. Highs and lows. Comings and goings. Loss. Disappointment. Heartbreak. Failure… But, […]

A woman thinking of what to do after hearing bad news.

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She asked me how I did it. And for about 30 seconds I had no words. I always have words. Words are my thing- but this time I couldn’t think of much to say. She’s been a client of mine for a couple of years, now. We’ve had email sessions, Q&A’s, and conference calls about […]

strong woman

I hear you. You’re right. You would’ve, could’ve, and maybe even should’ve experienced something different. If you had done something different… But you didn’t. You did what you did, and now you’re here… somewhere you really don’t want to be, doing something you really don’t want to do. I’m pretty sure they call that regret- which […]

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You wanna know what’s greater than fear, doubt and insecurity? Faith Hope And possibility. So when you’re in a season of delayed (or denied) wins and you’re feeling like you just might be getting this whole life thing wrong altogether, you gotta be really intentional about staying in your faith space. Faith exists because fear […]

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